Educational programs

Any sustainable development strategies are just declarations as long as employees at all levels remain uninvolved in these processes. Therefore, it is important to regularly inform employees, tell them about the company's activities in this area and help them increase their knowledge in this area.

One of the most important tasks of METRO is the development of employees both within the current position and in preparation for the transition to higher positions. For this, an extensive training program has been created, which includes: adaptation of newly hired employees, functional training for each position, mentoring, coaching, as well as additional development programs.

Educational programs

Sustainable Development educational

  • Master in Store Operations.
    Development program for experienced store managers;
  • Next Generation Finance.
    Development program for finance managers;
  • Next Generation Offer.
    Development program for procurement;
  • HR Masterclass.
    Development program for HR employees;
  • METRO Sustainability Leadership Program.
    Sustainable Development Program;
  • METRO Potentials.
    Exists in every country where METRO operates. Young people - the best students of the last courses or recent graduates with no more than three years of work experience are incited to the program. The program lasts two years and includes internships in stores and un the  Moscow central office, as well as an international internship in one of the countries where METRO operates.

In addition to international development programs, local programs are held annually:


  • Operations Fast Track.
    Development program for future store managers and regional direct sales managers;
  • DSM Pipeline.
    Development program for the position of deputy store managers;
  • Sales Line Pipeline.
    Development program for the position of client manager;
  • METRO Start.
    Program for the development of young professionals for leadership positions in stores;
  • METRO Leaders.
    Development program for graduates and young professionals.

EcoSummer Challenge

Education in the field of sustainable development is part of the responsibility for employees. We strive not only to apply sustainable practices at work, but also to help employees acquire new habits and become conscious consumers. In the summer of 2021, a two-month Ecoleto challenge was held in partnership with Henkel. Participants from Russian branches of METRO received letters with information about various aspects of sustainable consumption, completed tasks and shared their results.

Topics such as saving electricity, recycling of broken electrical appliances, and reducing the use of plastic bags were raised. As part of the challenge, 85.5 kg of electrical equipment were collected at the METRO headquarters for recycling.  There was installed a container for used clothes from the «Vtoroe Dykhanie» (Second Breath) Foundation and a box for old plastic cards with the support of the «Koshelek» (Wallet) project. The participants listened to the lectures from the «Teper’ Tak» and «Sobirator» foundations, and also planted trees on the territory of the Timiryazev State Biological Museum.

METRO Decent Work Projects


Sustainable development is not only concern for the environment and a conscious approach to production processes, it is also the support and development of society.

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Code of Business Conduct

METRO GROUP's Corporate Responsibility Policy is an integral part of sustainable development and consists in compliance with the requirements of social standards.

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Employee Safety in the Distribution Center

METRO strives to be a leader in operational safety for its employees, suppliers and customers. Ensuring safety at all levels of operations is an integral part of our business. Near miss project is an initiative of the distribution center in Noginsk that has shown excellent results.

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Labour Compensation

METRO is a responsible employer that fully fulfills its obligations to employees on time. One of the key conditions for a comfortable and productive work of an employee is a decent salary. METRO ensures that the company's employees are satisfied not only with their work, but also with the compensation and benefits offers, they receive in their social package.

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