Energy saving in METRO

METRO's electricity policy aims to reduce resource consumption using  energy efficient equipment and alternative sources. This helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and optimize costs, also in terms of money.

The global goal is to reduce specific greenhouse gas emissions per 1 m² of sales and supply area for 50% by 2030. To achieve this goal, the company invests in energy efficiency as well as alternative energy sources. This commitment pays off in lower energy costs and carbon footprint reduction .

Energy saving in METRO

Program progress

In 2019, as part of the program to replace light sources of the past generation with modern LED lamps, works was carried out in 76 stores, and by the end of 2020, almost all METRO stores in Russia have transitioned to modern LED lighting.

After replacing fluorescent lamps with LEDs, electricity consumption is reduced by an average of 30%. In a store taking part in the program, annual consumption is reduced from 1,800,000 kW to 1,260,000 kW, which saves an average of 2.5 million rubles a year.

As part of a light source replacement program, the contractor does more than just replace one light bulb with a more energy efficient one. The arrangement of light sources and the focus of lighting are also changing in order illuminate the necessary areas more effectively, as well as for greater comfort for employees and customers.

Comfort and health

Light has an impact on the physical and psychological state of people in the room. This is especially important when we talk about such a lighting parameter as flicker.

Even LED lighting may be of different quality. METRO has requirements for contractors for pulsation tending to zero.

This is important in order to provide the most comfortable working conditions for both office and store employees.

Modernization of the lighting in the parking lots and facades of the company's stores was caried out in 2021. The lighting in the central office was also replaced to make the premises even more comfortable, bright and energy efficient.

METRO resource management programs

Drone inventory

The use of drones indoors to collect visual data eliminates the need for employees to do this work themselves, which means they have the opportunity to devote potentially spent time to other tasks and do not have to put their health at risk trying to audit on high racks.

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Freon Exit Program

One of the important points of climate agreements was the reduction in the production of chlorine-containing varieties of freon, which affects the destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth. Freons are hydrocarbons that are actively used in various areas of production. Most often, freons are used in the manufacture of refrigeration units (refrigerators, air conditioning systems, freezers).

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