Reduction of Paper Consumption and Recycling

Paper consumption is growing every year. It is mainly used by businesses to record daily activities. For the paper production many forests are destroyed, in which animals live. Therefore, it leads to the extinction of species, contributes to global warming, climate change and a chain of adverse effects for humanity.

It is important for the company not only to deal with problems that arise in operations, but also to take preventive measures. Thus, METRO not only brings paper products for recycling, but also reduces their consumption at the company level.

Reduction of Paper Consumption and Recycling

Effective Solutions

  • most catalogs are issued only in electronic format
  • in 2020, the company switched to a new electronic document management system
  • in September 2021, the company replaced paper gift cards with electronic ones



METRO recognizes the importance of making the operations as paperless as possible and takes serious steps to achieve impressive results. For example, the company has already reduced paper consumption by 75% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Electronic document management brought additional benefits for the company: compliance with the law - labeling for most goods, accelerated business processes (an electronic invoice is processed in 3 days, a paper one - 13 days), improved analytics - an electronic invoice allows employees to receive data at the article level, and a paper one does not.

METRO annually issues 60,000 gift cards at a price of 18-21 rubles per card, including compensation, the company's annual costs are about 250,000 rubles. Switching to eGift Cards in September 2021 allowed to save that money.

METRO waste management projects

Avoska Brings Hope

"Avoska Brings Hope" is a project aimed at caring for the world around us, as well as social support and employment for the visually impaired. At the moment, the project provides employment for about 60 people with disabilities, 50 of them with complete loss of vision.

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Own IT Solution

The METRO team has developed its own mobile application that automates the manual daily activities of employees, creates new tasks and prioritizes them according to the greatest impact on the business.

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