Labour Compensation

METRO is a responsible employer that fully fulfills its obligations to employees on time. One of the key conditions for a comfortable and productive work of an employee is a decent salary. METRO ensures that the company's employees are satisfied not only with their work, but also with the compensation and benefits offers, they receive in their social package.

First of all, METRO invests in the salaries of employees, but equally important is the improvement of working conditions - workplaces, the uniform of store employees, food, programs for self-education, and so on.

Labour Compensation

What does the company guarantee for its employees?

  • Payment of wages on time or earlier;
  • Discounts on products in METRO stores;
  • In some cases (birth of a child, marriage, death of a close relative), the company provides employees with an additional paid two days off;
  • There is an extended package of corporate discounts and privileges, for example, discounts on fitness, English language courses, as well as special banking offers;
  • Extended insurance (illness, accident, life insurance). Including dental treatment, emergency and planned hospitalization, rehabilitation after a severe form of COVID-19, preventive examinations for a number of oncological diseases;

What else does METRO provide its employees?

METRO has an annual employee performance and potential assessment cycle, which allows to build a development plan for a particular employee according to his/her latest results. The company also has several programs that give employees the opportunity to receive additional training and move faster up the career ladder.

In 2021, the performance management program was launched. It is a six-module online school that allows each employee to learn at their own pace. Its target audience is 4500 people: managers and leading specialists of the company. The program includes trainings on how to prioritize, set goals for the team, evaluate the results, communicate with the team. These are skills that can be improved throughout life, the so-called soft skills.

Each employee has access to the Alpina Publisher electronic library, which includes business literature and books on self-development. There is also a program of privileges and discounts from the company's partners, which allows the employees to get discounts in fitness centers and other services.

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