Avoska Brings Hope

"Avoska Brings Hope" is a project aimed at caring for the world around us, as well as social support and employment for the visually impaired. At the moment, the project provides employment for about 60 people with disabilities, 50 of them with complete loss of vision.

Its main goal is to rid the environment of plastic bags by using reusable «avoska» bags as an alternative. 

Avoska Brings Hope

Positive impact of the project

Initially, avoska bags were conceived as piece goods, each of them is made by hand, each differs a bit of the others. Since METRO is a wholesale company, special avoskas of a larger volume were developed specially for our customers.

The project has three core values, each of them is very important for our company a well: entrepreneurial, social and environmental. METRO is a champion and advocate for small and medium-sized businesses and considers supporting entrepreneurs one of its key responsibilities.

Avoskas can be bought online and in the checkout area of METRO stores in Moscow.

METRO waste management projects

Own IT Solution

The METRO team has developed its own mobile application that automates the manual daily activities of employees, creates new tasks and prioritizes them according to the greatest impact on the business.

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Reduction of Paper Consumption and Recycling

Paper consumption is growing every year. It is mainly used by businesses to record daily activities. For the paper production many forests are destroyed, in which animals live. Therefore, it leads to the extinction of species, contributes to global warming, climate change and a chain of adverse effects for humanity.

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