Code of Business Conduct

As part of the Amfori corporate responsibility program (Business Social Compliance Initiative or BSCI)

METRO GROUP's corporate responsibility policy is an integral part of sustainable development and consists in compliance with the requirements of social standards.

As part of METRO GROUP sustainable development management, relevant environmental and social responsibility objectives have been defined within the company, as well as for its suppliers and manufacturers.

This means that business partners should endorse METRO GROUP's Policy for Social Compliance and abide by its core principles, which are set out in the BSCI Code of Conduct.

Code of Business Conduct


What is BSCI?

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an initiative developed by the Foreign Trade Association, focused on the continuous improvement of the company's social performance, leading to the introduction of best practices and, accordingly, the continuous improvement of working conditions in production on a global scale.

What BSCI principles does METRO use?

METRO and its business partners adhere to the following BSCI principles:

  • Rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • No discrimination.
  • Fair remuneration that is sufficient to provide workers and their families with a decent living and as a minimum provide for statutory minimum wages and/or industry-standard wages.
  • Working hours comply with ILO and national legislation.
  • Safe and healthy workplace.
  • Child labour is prohibited.
  • There is special protection for young workers.
  • No forms of precarious employment are use.
  • There is no forced labour or disciplinary action.
  • The environment is respected.
  • Ethical business behaviour is in place, in particular there are guidelines to prevent bribery and corruption.

Gender independent team

A person's talents do not depend on his/her gender, age and physical characteristics. METRO is always striving to build  a talented team of very diverse people.

There are about 10,465 employees in METRO Russia, the majority of them are women (68%)*. There is no division of specialties by gender in the company, both men and a women may apply for any position.

Women are actively involved in the management of the company: about 50% of all managerial positions are held by women. The inclusiveness of the company is confirmed by the fact that METRO employs 140 employees with disabilities.

METRO Decent Work Projects


Sustainable development is not only concern for the environment and a conscious approach to production processes, it is also the support and development of society.

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Educational programs

Any sustainable development strategies are just declarations as long as employees at all levels remain uninvolved in these processes. Therefore, it is important to regularly inform employees, tell them about the company's activities in this area and help them increase their knowledge in this area.

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Employee Safety in the Distribution Center

METRO strives to be a leader in operational safety for its employees, suppliers and customers. Ensuring safety at all levels of operations is an integral part of our business. Near miss project is an initiative of the distribution center in Noginsk that has shown excellent results.

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Labour Compensation

METRO is a responsible employer that fully fulfills its obligations to employees on time. One of the key conditions for a comfortable and productive work of an employee is a decent salary. METRO ensures that the company's employees are satisfied not only with their work, but also with the compensation and benefits offers, they receive in their social package.

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